I'm Sophie & you're not small, you're beautiful.

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Anonymous: I feel really shitty any time I think about this boy and I follow him on Instagram and I'm friends with him on Facebook but I feel terrible about myself when I think about him but I'm scared to unfriend and unfollow him bc he was such a big part of my life at one point what would you do? (Also I really hope you are havin a good time in life love you so much 💕💓💖)

If he’s making you feel bad get tf away from him. It doesn’t matter if he was a big part of your life, that’s over and he’s so insignificant & unworthy of your feelings. Thank u so much!!! Much love 💞💞💞

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Who would like to join the I love fall club it comes with a free Tshirt. The shirt is just a leaf. Tape it on ur body. You’re in.

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so excited to do witchcraft w/ clitaford & plnted tonight

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