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hi I'm sophie n ur gonna b ok.

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Anonymous: im sorry ok? I have follow u for a very long time and u sounded very u know.. comprehensive I think. But whatever, my purpose wasn't to make u feel bad.

I am a very understanding and kind person it’s just the way you approached me was sort of offending. I definitely appreciate you and you can come to me without judgement. Stay strong

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Anonymous: Actually that was what i wanted but never mind. Sorry 😕

That’s not how you come to me then. Would you like me to pose those questions to you? Probably not.

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Anonymous: I actually think you're being the insensitive one. That anon clearly just wanted someone to talk to. Maybe they looked up to you and wanted to be able to share that. Don't be so quick to judge.

dear god I hope you’re joking

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Anonymous: Sorry, i only wanted to know if i was the only one...

No you didn’t because clearly you’re not the only one. It is estimated that roughly 2 million people in the US participate in self harming activities. Even if you’re not in the US, you can understand just how many that is. It’s very unfortunate. If you are looking for support you can come to me in a considerate way.
For those who don’t know me personally my ask is always open.
For those who DO know me personally, you know where to find me.

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Anonymous: have u ever cut yourself?

This is truly the MOST insensitive question I have ever gotten, not only that, but it’s also very upsetting. It would be different if you were asking for help or advice regarding this issue but it’s clearly just a nosy jab at my personal life.

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